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  • 31000 WATTS PMPO
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • USB

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6,170 GHS
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  • 31000 WATTS PMPO
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • USB

It's the ultimate home party system. Play CD's and listen to streaming radio via Bluetooth or from your favorite USB source.

Giga Sound Power (3400 W)

Checking in at 3400 watts, the Giga Sound Power can match the decibel level of a helicopter. You can crank up the volume to blast music that the entire block can hear.

Crystal Amp Plus

Our Giga Sound System uses the latest Crystal Amp Plus. Filtering out distortion and noise, turn your home into your own audio studio with high-quality sound clarity.

15" Subwoofers

Get the party pumping and the ground shaking with the huge 15" subwoofer in the Giga Sound System. Every song you play will wow and amaze your guests with its deep and powerful sound.

DJ Beat Effects

Pump up the volume and become your own DJ with the DJ Beat Effect. With Dual Jog Dials you can easily control all the sounds to bring the atmosphere and effects of a real club to your party.

Beat Lighting Effects

Beat Lighting Effect, gives your parties a nightclub feel. With lights that pulse and flow to the beats of music, you’ll add premium ambiance to any party. With 25 different lighting patterns to choose from, you can fit the lights to the mood of the song.

Bluetooth® Power On

Conveniently connect and turn on your GIGA MX-H9000 with Bluetooth® Power On. If you want to stream music from your portable Bluetooth device, simply select the Giga System for pairing and it will automatically power on and begin playing.

TV SoundConnect

Minimize clutter by wirelessly connecting your Giga to your Samsung TV with TV SoundConnect. Instantly start enjoying movies and streaming music with more impactful sound. *Compatible with select 2013 and 2014 Samsung 3D TVs

Virtual Sound

LED Lighting actually visualizes the sound vividly through the LED Flash Speaker and Volume. Watch your system glow as it plays incredible audio and takes your party to the next level


Seamlessly connect your Giga System with Bluetooth® to have complete control and minimize clutter. Your Giga can function as a Bluetooth® speaker for portable devices so that you can stream music from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Get complete access to all your stored audio files from any USB memory drive or external hard drive. This wide range of compatibility allows you to connect and share content via USB.

3400 W (Max)
DJ Beat Effects
MP3 Enhancer
Crystal Amplifier Plus
FM Tuner with 15 Memory Presets
My Karaoke
Giga Sound Power
Bluetooth® Power on
LED Flash Speaker
FM Tuner
EZ MP3 Maker
Mic + Music USB REC
Mic Input
TV SoundConnect
19 Preset EQ Modes

Beat Lighting Effects

  • General Feature
    • Disc Capacity CD
    • Number of Channel 2.2
    • Total Power (RMS MAX) 3,400 W
    • PMPO 37,400 W
    • Speaker Type (Open/Grille) Grille
    • Subwoofer Power 850 W
    • Subwoofer Driver Size 15"
    • Front Speaker Power 850 W
    • Front Speaker Driver Size 8"
    • Deck Type Tray
    • Front Display VFD
  • Audio Feature
    • Demo Yes
    • Crystal Sound Yes
    • Football Mode Yes
    • GIGA Mode GIGA Party
    • Party Beat Yes
    • Booting Sound Yes
    • DJ Beat Yes
    • Non-stop Music Relay Yes
    • Tempo Yes
    • My List Yes
    • Auto Change Yes
  • USB
    • Folder/ File Search Yes
    • File Delete Yes
    • EZ MP3 Maker Yes
    • USB1 to USB2 Copy Yes
    • Radio Rec Timer Yes
  • Lighting
    • Subwoofer LED Speaker Yes
    • LED Flash Volume Yes
    • Beat Waving Yes
    • Number of Lighting Pattern 20
    • Beat Lighting Yes
  • Karaoke
    • My Karaoke Yes
    • Mic + Music USB REC (CDDA/MP3) Yes
    • Mic Volume Yes
  • Tuner
    • FM Yes
    • AM Yes
    • Number of Preset 15 / 15
  • Connectivity
    • USB Host 2
    • Bluetooth Yes
    • TV SoundConnect Yes
    • Analog Audio Input (Rear) RCA / 3.5 pi
    • Bluetooth Power On Yes
  • Playable Disc Type
    • CD DA/CD-R/CD-RW Yes
  • Decoding Format
    • MP3 Yes
    • WMA Yes
    • ISO9660 Yes
  • Dimension
    • Packing Type Two Packing
    • Set Size (WxHxD) 525 x 238 x 408 mm
    • Front Speaker Size (WxHxD) 561 x 752 x 503 mm
    • Set Package Size (WxHxD) 597 x 289 x 479 mm
    • Speaker Package Size (WxHxD) 1,115 x 811 x 630 mm
    • Package Size (WxHxD) 1,115 x 1,100 x 630 mm
  • Weight
    • Set Weight 8,3 kg
    • Front Speaker Weight 30,6 kg
    • Set Package Weight 10,4 kg
    • Speaker Package Weight 67 kg
    • Package Weight 77,4 kg
  • Power
    • Stand-by Power Consumption 0,45 W
    • Operating Power Consumption 127 W
    • Free Voltage Yes
  • Accessory
    • Remote Controller 45 key
    • Antenna Yes
    • Bateria Yes
    • Power Cable Yes
  • Special Feature
    • Dimmer/Display key Dimmer, Display
    • Timer/Clock/Sleep Timer, Clock, Sleep
    • Mobile App Android Smartphone only
    • Android Version Android 3.0↑
    • CD Ripping Yes

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  • 31000 WATTS PMPO
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • USB

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